YouTube co-founder Steve Chen leaves Avos Systems to join Google Ventures

Posted Jun 6, 2014

Steve Chen and Chad Hurley are splitting into different directions after working together for 15 years. The two of them worked at PayPal first and then built YouTube together. Then they launched Avos Systems. Now Chen is heading to Google Ventures and Chad Hurley is pivoting Avos Systems. Avos is turning from an incubator into a single company to focus on mobile video platform MixBit. Chen will work as an entrepreneur in residence at Google Ventures.

?We were working on nine products at one time, which sounds astronomical, but it wasn?t based on the way Avos was structured,? said Chen. ?I?d say about 40 percent of all websites and iOS apps are built on the same shared technology, built and rebuilt and rebuilt again. With Avos all the servers and authentication and security were all written and handled, so it was much easier to test out new ideas.?

MixBit was getting the most attention out of all of the products because Hurley dreamed of building out a video platform on mobile devices like the two of them did with YouTube. MixBit is an app that lets users record video clips and then collaborate on them with other people. You can choose the clips based on location or friendships.

Avos Systems has offices in New Zealand and San Mateo with between 20 and 25 employees. These employees will now focus exclusively on MixBit. To further prepare for the transition, Avos sold off Delicious recently.

[Source: TC]