YouTube Content Channel Maker Studios Raises $40 Million

Posted Nov 21, 2012

Maker Studios is a YouTube content channel that has received $40 million in funding from Time Warner.  This round of funding is expected to close by the end of the year.  Maker Studios is known for the videos “Epic Rap Battles in History.”

The company was co-founded by Lisa Donovan, Danny Zappin, Kassem Gharaibeh (KassemG), Shay Butler and Ben Donovan.  Courtney Holt is the COO of Maker Studios.  Ynon Kreiz, former CEO and Chairman of Endemol, is the current chairman of Maker Studios.  And Ryan Lissack is the current CTO of Maker Studios.

Maker Studios is not stopping at the $40 million round that Time Warner led.  It is rumored that they want to raise around $150 million with a $200 million valuation range.  Maker Studios previously raised $4 million from Greycroft Partners and GRP Partners.

Maker Studios is not the only YouTube content company that has raised funding.  This past May Google led a $35 million investment round in Machinima.

Maker Studios has over 1,000 YouTube channels and has 80 million subscribers.