YouTube Creates A Trends Map To Show What Is Popular In Different Areas

Posted May 7, 2013

The YouTube Trends team has created a new feature that lets you see what today’s most popular videos are in major markets across the U.S.  You can also see what is popular with women or men as well as different age groups.  The YouTube Trends map details the most popular trends from the last 12-24 hours.

“The Trends Map is the result of all the great feedback you?ve given us from the Trends Dashboard, as we keep working to help you find great videos and channels on YouTube. For now, the Trends Map is only available for the U.S., but stay tuned for updates,” said Kevin Allocca, YouTube Trends Manager at Google.

As of the time I was writing this article, the most popular video in the East Coast, Midwest, and Southern states is Alan Jackson’s performance of “He Stopped Loving Her Today” at George Jones’ funeral.  On the West Coast states, the most popular video for today is the True Blood Season 6 trailer.  In the 18-24 age range, the most popular video for today is Blimeycow’s video called “Ten Things You Should Never Say To A Guy.”

The YouTube Trends map tool can be very handy for marketers to learn about the demographics that they are targeting when creating a video ad.  It also helps people that run their own YouTube channels ideas on viral video ideas.