YouTube Is Going To Clean Up Comments Using Google+, Filters, And New Algorithms

Posted Sep 25, 2013

YouTube’s comment section is full of trolls and Google wants to fix this.  Currently, YouTube puts the last random person that wrote something about a video at the top.  Now YouTube will be using new algorithms to determine who you would want to have show up at the top like the video creator, popular personalities, and friends.

Google will also fix the comment replying feature.  YouTube will be adding threaded conversations so it will be easy to see who is talking to who.  The new conversation stream will be powered by Google+ too.

When commenting on a YouTube video, you will be able to decide if you want it to be public or only visible to people that are in your Google+ Circles.  You can also select visibility to specific people.

Content creators will have the ability to allow every comment to come in, turn off commenting altogether, or manually approve each comment.

Videos that receive thousands of comments can set up filters.  People can be assigned to an Approved list or Blocked list that can auto-approve or auto-reject comments.  Certain keywords can be added to a blacklist also.  Some people may use keywords like “fake,” “spoiler,” or certain curse words.

The rollout of the threaded comments powered with Google+ started yesterday and is going to run throughout the next week.

[Source: YouTube Blog]