YouTube Is Testing Out A Quiz Feature

Posted Sep 21, 2012

YouTube is testing out a new feature to make videos more interactive.  YouTube is testing out a quiz feature so that you can answer questions as you watch the video.  This would be very handy for the Education section of the video website.  Video uploaders will have the option to add questions about certain parts of a video and then the viewers can answer them as they watch.

“Through this editor you can setup multiple questions to be displayed on top of your video during playback that a viewer can answer,” said a YouTube spokesperson.  “The editor itself can be found on the video edit page, on the edit bar. After you have added several questions and the users have viewed them, you can see a summary of the interaction your users had with them through the analytics page, within the Annotations section.”

Once you decide to be a part of the questions editor beta test, you will see a new questions section in the video editor.  You can add the questions and answers from there.