YouTube Launches New Program For Monetizing Viral Videos

Posted Aug 25, 2009

Last year YouTube launched a service called Partner Program.  This allowed YouTube content owners and highly prolific users to make money from their videos.  Aside from all the publicity that they receive on YouTube, the content owners would receive a cut from revenue earned from ads on their videos.

This program was only available for select publishers, but now the program is starting to open for individual viral videos.  Some of YouTube’s most visited viral videos will receive the benefits of the program such as the people behind Battle at Kruger, David after dentist, and Otters holding hands.

YouTube determines whether a video is eligible for the partner program by looking at the number of views and the video’s compliance with YouTube’s Terms of Service.  If a video is eligible, YouTube will send an e-mail to the account holder with a subject that says “Enable Revenue Sharing.”  Revenue from the video will be added to the account holder’s Google AdSense account.