YouTube Live Now Available To Channels With At Least 1,000 Subscribers

Posted May 15, 2013

YouTube Live is a live streaming service that the company launched in beta over two years ago.  The service is now expanding to every YouTube channel that has over 1,000 subscribers.  These channels will be able to broadcast live video content to their viewers on all devices.  YouTube previously made this feature available for select partner accounts and for video game developers.

YouTube Live includes multiple camera angles and the ability for users to skip around a stream as it plays.  YouTube channel owners can apply for YouTube Live by selecting a box at the bottom of their Account Features page.

YouTube recently launched paid live-streaming features including subscriptions and pay-per-view to several partners.  It is likely that we were see more YouTube Live paid channels in the near future as a result of the recent changes at the company.

Now channel owners will be able to schedule more live events and launch spontaneous live streams to their subscribers.

YouTube has adaptive bit-rate streaming to power live streams, giving viewers access to higher quality video regardless of the device that they are using.