YouTube Now Allows You To Turn Videos Into Slow Motion

Posted May 29, 2013

On Tuesday, Google announced that they have added a feature to turn videos into slow motion.  You can create a slow-motion video by visiting the Enhancements tool or the YouTube Editor.  The slow-motion feature can be applied to any of your existing videos.  The slow-motion video will be smooth as if it were filmed by a high-speed camera.

So why did YouTube add slow-motion as a feature?  During action sequences in a movie, sometimes the scene is slowed down so the viewer can fully appreciate what is happening.  There is even a YouTube channel called The Slow Mo Guys that has around 2 million subscribers and they have hit nearly 220 million views.

YouTube created a couple demo videos to show how the new slow-motion feature works.

Original video:

Video at 1/8th the speed: