YouTube Reinstates Megaupload Celebrity Video, Says Universal Did Not Have A Right To Take It Down

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Above is a video that Megaupload created a music video that features Macy Gray, Kim Kardashian,, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather, Estelle, Carmello Anthony, Ciara, Brett Rattner, Lil’ Jon, P. Diddy, Mary J. Blige, and several other celebrities. Universal Music Group had it taken down from YouTube. YouTube’s copyright filters removed the all star video, but Google reinstated the video on Wednesday.

?Our partners do not have the right to take down videos from YT unless they own the rights to them or they are live performances controlled through exclusive agreements with their artists, which is why we reinstated it,? stated YouTube.

Megaupload had produced the video for $3 million. All of the celebrities had signed waivers too. Megaupload, based in Hong Kong, claims in a federal lawsuit on Monday that the take-down of the video was a “sham.” They are demanding unspecified damages from the music label that had the video taken down. Megaupload claims that the music label had violated a provision in copyright law that forbids faulty copyright claims.

Megaupload has 50 million daily users and the recording industry believes that many of their visitors are music pirates. Universal Music used YouTube’s content filters to have the video removed shortly after Megaupload added the video. Universal never said why they had the video removed.

However Universal believes that Megaupload is not entitled to monetary damages because Google’s private system doesn’t count as an official takedown notice under the DMCA. This makes them immune from legal liability. The lawsuit is currently pending.