YouTube Show “Recipe Rehab” To Get Their Own TV Show

Posted Sep 26, 2012

Starting next month an online show that original on YouTube called Recipe Rehab will be airing on ABC.  Recipe Rehab is a cooking show where chefs take fatty meals and make them healthier.  The show will be broadcast on Saturday mornings on 200 affiliate stations across the U.S.  Those same shows will also continue to air on YouTube.  Recipe Rehab’s YouTube videos are generally around 5-10 minutes long, but the episodes will be re-shot to go for around 22 minutes on TV.

?Recipe Rehab is the latest example of how creators are now harnessing the combined attributes of TV and the web to build scaled, engaged audiences,? stated YouTube global head of original programming Alex Carloss in an interview with Reuters.

Recipe Rehab first got their start at part of YouTube’s original programming initiative.  Google invested $100 million into the original programming initiative for YouTube.  Google is funding around 100 channels.  This past April, Trium Entertainment partnered with Everyday Health, the company behind Recipe Rehab.  They created the YouTube channel “Everyday Health: TV To Change Your Life.”