YouTube Star Lucas Cruickshank (Fred) To Be On iCarly

Posted Feb 10, 2009

Lucas Cruickshank, 15, the guy that plays Fred on YouTube will be on an episode of the Nickelodeon’s iCarly.  Fred’s channel is one of the most subscribed-to on YouTube.  The videos are based on Fred Figglehorn, 6.  Fred has finished its third season.  Most of Fred’s viewers are between 13 and 17.    Fred is supposed to be a hyper, fast-talking, unstable kid with an alcoholic mother.  Each video that Fred puts out get about 3 and 5 million views.

Fred is covered all over iCarly’s website promoting the YouTube star’s apperance this Monday on February 16.  Jennette McCurdy, an iCarly co-star filmed an 8 minute video to promote Fred’s appearance as well.  Fred has not put out a video on YouTube since November.  In September 2008, I wrote about how Lucas could be bigger than LonelyGirl15.

Below is the video promo for Fred’s appearance on iCarly: