YouTube Videos That Mention Obama Or Romney Hit Almost 2 Billion Views

Posted Aug 27, 2012

As we are getting closer to the U.S. election, the number of Obama and Romney related videos appearing on YouTube are being uploaded.  Since Mitt Romney entered the race in April 2011, around 600,000 videos that mention either Obama or Romney have been uploaded to YouTube.  These videos have hit almost 2 billion views.

The top video out of all of them is baracksdubs? ?Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe,? which has hit over 24 million views.

Uploads made from Obama and Romney’s official YouTube channels are also increasing at a rapid pace.  The latest video on Obama for America’s YouTube channel hit over 217,000 views in just 24 hours.

After Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running-mate, he saw a surge in subscribers and views overall.  Their first video “America’s Comeback Team” has hit over 1.1 million views in 2 weeks and is the second most-viewed video on the Romney YouTube channel.

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