YouTube XL Optimizes Videos For Large Screens

Posted Jun 2, 2009

As the cost of buying larger screen TVs are lowering in cost, the need for consumer-friendly Internet video interfaces are becoming more in demand.  Watching music videos on YouTube and network shows on Hulu from a laptop connected to a large screen TV is becoming very customary.

This past January YouTube introduced a way to watch YouTube videos on a Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3.  Now the company has created a new interface of their service for large screen TVs, YouTube XL. The quality of the videos isn’t any different, but the YouTube XL interface allows you to navigate around the website much easier.

Some of the features of YouTube XL include a large menu on the left hand side.  After clicking on a video, there is continuous play of the related videos.  The video control buttons has a much larger size too.

The only thing I don’t like about the new service is that the quality of the video is not much different.  I tried watching a few videos on a 27″ TV, but it did not look that great.  Perhaps YouTube will start adding more HD videos in the various categories.

[via Kuan Yong – YouTube blog]