YouVersion Bible App Hits Over 100 Million Downloads

Posted Jul 9, 2013

is a Bible application that launched around the same time that the Apple App Store started around five years ago.  The YouVersion app has hit over 100 million downloads.  YouVersion was one of the first 200 apps on iTunes and now there are over 900,000.  Apple has ranked YouVersion as one of the top 100 free apps for three consecutive years.

?This is not a story about an app as much as one about a global mission to share the Bible?from publishers and Bible societies offering 500+ versions of the Bible for free in 300+ languages to the assistance of hundreds of committed volunteers that enable our 20+ staff members to provide world-class customer service for an app at no charge,? stated Pastor Bobby Gruenewald of in Oklahoma.  Pastor Gruenewald was hoping that the Bible app would hit around 80,000 downloads in the first six months, but this was achieved in the first weekend.

Pastor Gruenewald pushed for an initiative to build a web version of the Bible in 2006.  The website idea did not work out and the project was going to be shut-down in 2008.  However the mobile version of the website started to get a lot of traffic so they decided to build an app by the time the Apple App Store launched on June 10, 2008.  The app hit 83,000 on the first day itself.  YouVersion is now supported in 500 versions of the Bible across 300 languages.

In terms of social sharing, YouVersion is seeing around 200,000 shares per day on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and e-mail.  The YouVersion app first started out as being funded by  Donations for the project started to come in and the team spend around $20 million on the development and promotion of the app.  There are currently no plans on making the YouVersion app paid.

You can download YouVersion on the Apple App Store or Google Play.