YtSwift Makes Viewing Multiple YouTube Videos A Lot Easier

Posted Dec 30, 2010 is a website that lets you search and watch YouTube videos simultaneously. In the right-hand sidebar there is a search box that lets you search for keywords in a Google Instant format, meaning that the search box will give you suggestions as you type keywords. You can also filter and sort the results displayed in the thumbnails below.

Another feature that I like about is that it shows all of the YouTube metadata below the video. YtSwift shows the date added, number of views, # of likes, # of dislikes, description, and the username. There is a short URL for sharing the video on Twitter as well.

If you want the video experience to feel more theater-like, there is an option to “lower lights.” This is a similar feature that has for its web video streaming.

Aside from YouTube itself, the only other website I consider YtSwift being similar to is YtInstant is a YouTube search engine with “Instant” features that was created by Feross Aboukhadijeh. YouTube CEO Chad Hurley immediately offered Aboukhadijeh a job he heard about it. However I believe that appears to have more intuitive features and more information about the videos than YtInstant.

YtSwift was founded and developed by Zoheb Hajiyani. Zoheb studied Computer Science Engineering at University of Michigan and he graduated in 2010.