Yumiko Aoyagi, Executive Producer of LG15 To Launch “The Scary City”

Posted Aug 7, 2008

Yumiko Aoyagi, an executive producer of LonelyGirl15 is getting ready to start up a new web series called The Scary City.  The Scary City is already backed with $5.2 million to get the project off the ground.  The Scary City will launch on September 15.

There will be two versions of the video series.  The U.S. version will take place in a haunted L.A. apartment complex where an architect’s 10 year old daughter will be battling some sort of evil force.  All of the tenants of the complex are also involved in the plot.

The Japanese version of the video series will have a murder mystery and a high school girl in Tokyo aims to solve who did it.  There will be separate versions of the video series in Korea, Israel, Thailand, the U.K., and France. 

Each episode will be from about one to three minutes.  Each episode will be syndicated on MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube.  Mobile versions of the videos may be produced too.

“Our goal is to produce the next generation of Web-based scripted series, with better production values,” Aoyagi said. “The promise of the Internet is how it allows us to mix reality with fantasy.”

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