Zaarly Adds Meg Whitman To Board Of Directors

Posted Oct 25, 2011

Zaarly is a mobile marketplace company that has added Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman to their board of directors. Zaarly has also recently raised $14 million in an investment led by Kleiner Perkins. ?I just love her,? stated Zaarly co-founder and CEO Bo Fishback in an interview with VentureBeat. ?She built the biggest peer-to-peer marketplace on the planet Earth ? I just know she?s going to make me a better CEO.?

Meg Whitman became CEO of eBay when the company had 30 employees. Today Zaarly also has 30 employees. Before joining HP as CEO, Whitman had an unsuccessful campaign for governor of California. Zaarly considers itself as the “mobile Craigslist.” Zaarly allows buyers to upload what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it. Zaarly users also give an amount of time that they need it.

At the time that Whitman became CEO, Fishback did not know what that meant for her as a board member. Fishback e-mailed Whitman after she became CEO of HP to find out what this meant for Zaarly. Within 20 minutes, Whitman said that she was canceling everything on her plate to focus on HP – except Zaarly.” Fishback also said that Whitman picks up all of his phone calls on Saturdays. Whitman is a strategic advisor at Kleiner Perkins so Fishback was able to get a meeting in with her after the company started to prepare for raising a round of funding.

For security purposes, Zaarly will require a verification option for users that want to prove that they are trustworthy. Zaarly will also have buyer and seller reviews.