Zach Braff Announces On Facebook “‘Scrubs without JD’ is no more”

Posted Mar 24, 2010

Zach Braff has announced on his Facebook Page that Scrubs appears to be canceling. Below is the exact statement sent from Braff’s Facebook Page:

Many of you have asked, so here it is: it appears that “New Scrubs”, “Scrubs 2.0”, “Scrubs with new kids”, “Scrubbier”, “Scrubs without JD” is no more. It was worth a try, but alas… it didn’t work. zb

The Twitter account ScrubsWriters is expected to shut down until there is any news about the show’s continuation as well. Known as the character Turk on Scrubs, Donald Faison stars in a new pilot called The Odds, as a Las Vegas homicide cop. Braff himself left Scrubs in order to pursue other careers, but made several cameos in the newest season. [E Online]