Zach Braff Helps Kickstarter Supporter With Marriage Proposal

Posted Jul 10, 2013

Zach Braff, the star of Scrubs, has helped one of his Kickstarter supporters Matt Hulbert created a marriage proposal video for his girlfriend Janice.  Hulbert donated to Zach Braff’s Kickstarter campaign for the movie Wish I Was Here.

“I wanted to think of a really cool way to propose to my girlfriend, Janice, and this song and video is what I came up with. I wanted to show her that not only do I love her but that she’s loved by all our friends and family too. This was particularly important as she hasn’t been able to see much of her family for 7 years since she moved to the UK and she misses them lots,” stated Hulbert on his YouTube page.  “I managed to get Zach involved through Kickstarter when pledging an amount for his new film ‘Wish I Was Here’. The team were SO kind and SO amazing they got his part of the video to me super early as they really liked the idea. Like me, Janice is a huge fans of ‘Scrubs’ so I knew it would blow her away.”

Zach Braff filmed an introduction for Hulbert’s video before sending it to Janice.  The video has a song that Hulbert wrote and it has a clips that features Janice’s friends telling her to say “yes.”

Check out the video below: