Zack Brown plans to use profits from potato salad Kickstarter campaign on charity

Posted Jul 11, 2014

When Zack Brown posted a campaign on Kickstarter, he probably did not expected to raise over $70,000 — the proceeds dropped by about $30,000 to around $46,000 for some reason. Brown wants to use the proceeds for good. The campaign had a $10 goal and it hit over 4,000 backers in under a week.

Backers will receive t-shirts, potato salad cookbooks, and bites of Brown’s potato salad. Brown will first fulfill the commitment to sending potato salads around the world. There are some brands that offered to donate supplies for the potato salad. Brown is not sure what charitable cause he would like to give money to yet.

However, he expressed interest in helping local organizations in Columbus, Ohio to fight homelessness. Kickstarter’s terms of service prohibits directly using the platform to ask for funds to raise towards charity, but there is no policy for what profits from the platform can be used for after the campaign ends.