Zappos is getting rid of job postings in favor of social network

Posted May 28, 2014

Zappos, the popular shoe and apparel e-commerce company, is getting rid of its online job postings. However, the company still plans to hire at least 450 people this year. Candidates that want jobs at Zappos will have to join the company social network called Zappos Insiders.

Zappos Insiders will let the company speed up its hiring process by being able to find willing candidates right away. People that join the social network will have to network with existing employees and answer Q&As for recruiters. They must also show passion for the company.

Zappos went through 31,000 job applications last year. The company selected only 1.5% of those applicants. Now Zappos’ seven-person recruiting team will be able to focus on targeted outreach instead of looking through resumes on third-party websites.