Zazzle Being Sued Over Custom Twilight Gear

Posted Oct 31, 2009

Zazzle is an online retail company where users can customize apparel, mugs, postage, cards, etc. Zazzle is now being sued by Summit Entertainment, the company behind the licensing rights for the Twilight series. A lot of tweens have used Zazzle to make Twilight gear and this clearly did not make Summit happy whatsoever. This is why Summit is suing Zazzle.

While Zazzle themselves aren’t the ones that decide the design, they still are the ones that customize the goods. Summit claimed trademark violation and defamation.

In November 2008 Zazzle was sent a cease-and-desist letter, but the company continued to sell the items. Summit said that this is considered “willful” infringement. Summit is seeking punitive damages, injunction, and accounting damages.