ZebraCard Is A Business Card Tracking Solution That Puts QR Codes To Use

Posted Sep 8, 2012

ZebraCard is a business card tracking solution company that allows users to gather data in real time and monitor the path of their business cards that are being circulated.  This way you can gain an understanding of the ROI of your business cards and make sure people are engaging with them.

ZebraCard was created by Nick Carter, whom also founded AddressTwo, a CRM company based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Carter said that traditional business cards are known as the “black hole” of the marketing and sales world.  Until now, no one has the ability to see how effective their networking is.

ZebraCard uses a QR code or barcode for business card information.  The QR or barcode link leads to a URL where each user’s interaction with your business card data is tracked.  This lets users know what personal networks and touch points that recipients are accessing after scanning the card.

One example is that you can give your business card to a potential buyer at an evening cocktail party and find out the next morning that they visited your product website.

The problem with exchanging business cards is that there is too much reverse engineering.  When you get a card, you tend to want to digitize them.  Some business card companies use OCR, but OCR is known to be error-prone.  ZebraCard plans to use Dymo’s SDK.

AddressTwo is a CRM company that has 10,000 users.  Zebra.me is a spin-off.  Carter came up with the idea after hearing from many of their CRM users.

ZebraCard.me is in beta mode and the company has partnered with Fundable.com.  The company has raised $1,725 out of a $5,000 goal with 22 days left to go.