Zeevex Xtreme Online Game Card To Hit 20,000 Retail Stores In July [Updated]

Posted May 14, 2009

Zeevex is a virtual item marketplace service that is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Through a partnership with InComm, Zeevex will be distributing Xtreme Online Game Cards.  This is a way for gamers to buy virtual currency offline and then use it through Zeevex’s website.  Zeevex calls this service a “Digital Locker.”

There is no charge to join Zeevex and the social network plug-ins are included, free of charge.  The plug-ins have support for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Bebo.  Parental controls can be added to Zeevex cards too.

One of Zeevex’s competitors is PlaySpan.  PlaySpan sells an Ultimate Game Card and has a partnership with Hi5.

Zeevex recently raised a private round of funding.  The company management team includes Ron Williams (CEO), Dean Gebert (CMO), and Robert Sanders (CTO).

[via TechCrunch]