Zillow Files Lawsuit Against Trulia Over Patent Issues

Posted Sep 14, 2012

The online real estate search engine rivalry is intensifying.  Zillow recently went public and they successfully raised nearly $150 million.  Now they are suing Trulia for patent infringement.  Trulia recently filed to go public and they are looking to raise $75 million.  Zillow’s complaint is specifically around the “Zestimates” product, which values properties based on proprietary algorithms.  Zillow said that Trulia is infringing on their patented technology by offering a similar service called “Trulia Estimates.”

Zillow wrote this in the complaint:

?Trulia?s blatant and ongoing copying of Zillow?s innovative approach to home valuation infringes Zillow?s patent and Zillow is entitled to damages and an injunction against further infringement.?

Check out the document embedded below:

Zillow vs. Trulia