Zoho Launching App Store; Developers Keep 100% Revenue

Posted Sep 19, 2008

Zoho is the online office enterprise software company that has a suite of 18 applications.  This includes an e-mail, chat, word processing, document collaboration, and several other software products.  In the next couple of weeks, Zoho plans to launch an application store based around Creator.  Creator is Zoho’s Ajax-based database application software that works seamlessly using a drag+drop interface.  Their application store will launch on the week of September 29.

Third party developers will be able to sell their products built around Creator and share in the revenue.  Developers of the third party software will be able to keep 100% revenue.  Zoho makes money from charging the developers to host applications that consume a large amount of bandwidth.  The smaller apps will have the option to run on Google servers.  

Zoho’s most popular software is called Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, Zoho Mail, and Zoho Chat.  “We are trying to be the IT department for SMBs (small- and medium- sized business,” stated Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna.