Zoove Raises $15 Million In Series D

Posted Aug 17, 2011

Zoove has raised $15 million in Series D funding led by Panorama Capital. Existing investors that participated in this round include Cardinal Venture Capital, Highland Capital Partners, and Worldview Technology Partners. Zoove is the company that created StarStar Numbers, a registry of branded phone numbers such as **WEATHER and **SUZUKI.

Zoove provides StarStar Numbers for the largest wireless operators in the country. StarStar Numbers allows consumers to call the name of the brand being promoted such as **ESPN to get to its mobile app, website, coupon, etc. without the need for QR code scanning.

Zoove powers the National StarStar Registry with cooperation from the four major mobile operators in the U.S. Companies can lease branded vanity StarStar Numbers from Zoove. For consumers, there is no extra charge to call vanity StarStar Numbers. After the initial phone call, users receive a text message or voicemail to prompt them to engage further by visiting websites, download apps, etc. For an annual fee, brands pay an annual fee, which varies based on length and scarcity.