Zubican Search Engine Raises Funding For Finding Local Businesses

Posted Jul 29, 2008

Zubican is the second search engine company to launch this week (Cuil being the first) backed with funding.  Zubican’s motto is “Find a business in a haystack.”  If you search for a business on Zubican, you will be able to find the number of employees and annual revenues for each company.

Investors in Zubican include Athenaeum Capital, Pasadena Angels, and Tech Coast Angels.  Other investors include executives from JAMDAT Mobile, Rent.com, MP3.com, Tickets.com, and Vivendi.  Users can rate each individual business.  The site is monetized through Google Ads.

Zubican was founded two years ago by Matthew Graczyk, Joe Kevin, and Brian Newton.  Zubican launched in closed Beta in January 2008.  Zubican is based in L.A., Calif.

I have a hard time being convinced that I should switch to Zubican from Google Business Search or Yelp.  Matthew Graczyk, CEO of Zubican discussed with me in the comments how Zubican distinguishes itself from the others.  Zubican plans to improve the search UI to make it more clear to users how to use it.  This is something that I look forward to as the company progresses because I’d like to see strong alternatives to Yelp and Google Business Search.

Thank you Matthew for providing me background info on Zubican.

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