Zubie Raises $8 Million To Make Cars Smarter

Posted Sep 17, 2013

Zubie is a company that has designed hardware and software for making cars smarter.  The company’s hardware can connect to the onboard diagnostics port of almost any car to send location tracking, driving behavior, and repair issues to the Zubie mobile app.

The company was launched by Best Buy and is led by former Sprint wireless head Tim Kelly.  Zubie has raised $8 million in Series A funding from OpenAir Equity Partners and another unnamed investor.

Zubie’s hardware is called the Zubie Key.  The device is sold with an annual wireless connection so that it does not have to rely on Bluetooth to send data.  One year of service on the T-Mobile network costs $99.95 and the Zubie Key is included.  This helps the owner of the vehicle know what the status of his or her car is while on the road.

The Zubie Key tracks 30 metrics of driving behavior.  The hardware assigns a score of 1-100 to inform the driver how del they are driving.