Zuckerberg FTW! Paul Ceglia’s Lawyers Are Dropping Left and Right.

Posted Jul 31, 2011

As a refresher, Paul Ceglia is a man in New York that is claiming to own at least 50% of Facebook. Ceglia claims that he hired Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for some freelance work several years ago through a Craigslist post.

After Ceglia filed the lawsuit, Mark Zuckerberg swore under oath that he did not enter a contract with Ceglia. Facebook also noted that there was inconsistencies in the some of the evidence that Ceglia produced in court. For example, the margins, type face, and spacing was different in page 1 and page 2 of the document that Ceglia claimed was a contract between him and Mark Zuckerberg.

When Ceglia first filed a lawsuit, he was represented by DLA Piper, a well known legal firm. Between now and the initial complaint by Ceglia, several firms have dropped their support for him. DLA Piper, Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman, and Connors and Vilardo all stopped representing Ceglia. Edelson McGuire took on Ceglia’s case less than a month ago and has withdrawn recently.

Ceglia’s reputation is not helping him with his case either. Neighbors and former friends of Ceglia describe him as a con artist. Ceglia also was convicted of felony drug charges and grand larceny.