Zumbox Raises $8 Million

Posted Aug 24, 2009

Zumbox is a company that designed a system for converting postal letters into electronic format.  The company announced today that they have raised $8 million in funding.

The funding was provided by Art Bilger (Shelter Capital Partners), Rick Braddock (Fresh Direct), Michael Eisner (former Disney CEO), Bill Guth (Guthy-Renker), and Donn Rappaport (CEO and founder of Zumbox).

Zumbox will be officially launching their service in Q4 of this year.  Zumbox does not digitize postal mail, but allows people to select different templates that standard mail looks like.

Then you can send the mail to anyone in the world by entering their actual postal address and it gets sent to them in electronic format to Zumbox’s servers.  Zumbox will allow the person residing at the postal address to check their Zumbox mail through their website.

The concept is a bit strange.  I have my doubts that this service will really take off, but I won’t really know until the service goes public and I get the chance to try it out.