Zune HD May Be A Worthy Adversary To The iPod Touch

Posted Apr 13, 2009

Some tipsters at Engadget have provided them with an image of a worthy adversary to the iPod Touch in the form of a Microsoft Zune. Who woulda thunk’n the Zune would be a real challenge considering Apple’s already sterling market-share in the digital music market. The new, upcoming Zune appears to be touch screen and is even smaller than the iPod Touch with HD-resolution. I’m sure that there are many other features that we don’t know about that is packed into the Microsoft-manufactured device. I’m guessing that there will be some sort of advanced interconnection with the Xbox also. It seems that Microsoft has been underutilizing their strong market-share in the console battle to help push the Zune.

[via CNET/Engadget]