Zynga Acquires “Draw Something” Game Developer OMGPOP

Posted Mar 21, 2012

Zynga has acquired OMGPOP, the game developer behind the popular Pictionary-like game for mobile devices called “Draw Something.” Draw Something has been downloaded over 30 million times and every second, three thousand people draw something in 84 countries in the world.

Since launching in 2006, OMGPOP has developed over 35 multiplayer social games even though Draw Something seems like an overnight success. Some of their other games include Blockles, Puppy World, and Aim For The Nuts.

Although the terms of the deal were undisclosed, the price was rumored to be over $200 million in cash and employee retention. Draw Something launched 6 weeks ago and over 1 billion drawings were created since. OMGPOP is going to keep running as they have been before, but under the Zynga name.