Zynga Acquires Flock For The Talent Behind The Product

Posted Jan 7, 2011

Social gaming company Zynga has acquired Flock, the web browser built around social networks. Word on the streets is that Zynga was most interested in the team behind Flock. Flock was founded by Bart Decrem and Geoffrey Arone. Ever since Flock started in 2005, they raised $30 million in funding. Flock’s last round of funding was in 2008. Google and Twitter were also involved in the bidding process for Flock.

Recently Flock switched from Mozilla to Chromium as their core programming platform. The problem is that not a lot of people used Flock. Below is a note from Flock’s blog:

I?m very excited to announce that the Flock team will be joining the social gaming phenomenon, Zynga.

This month marked Flock?s six-year anniversary and, from the beginning, we?ve always believed in the transformative power of social. We knew that it would change everything we do online, so we worked hard to make it easier and more rewarding for you to discover, enjoy and share the relationships and content you?re passionate about. And so, it is incredibly exciting and rewarding for us to take our expertise and passion for great products to one of the hottest and most innovative companies in the world.

With over a quarter of a billion users, Zynga has captured the imagination of the world. Their dedication to understanding what social game users want and to delivering a wildly popular gaming platform is already legendary. And, they?ve only just gotten started?

Our team will help Zynga in achieving their goal of building the most fun, social games available to anyone, anytime ? on any platform.

Flock?s dedication to its products and users allowed us to achieve over 10 million users around the world with two products on the Facebook top 10 list of the most popular desktop apps. We thank our users for their unwavering support and dedication, and we?re thrilled to be going to a platform that shares our passion for combining great user experience and technology. What an awesome way to kick off 2011!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year,

Shawn Hardin

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