Zynga Acquires MyMiniLife

Posted Aug 9, 2009

Social network game designer Zynga has announced earlier this week that they have bought out MyMiniLife.  MyMiniLife allows users to design virtual homes, similar to the style used by EA game The Sims.  Zynga said that they are planning to integrate MyMiniLife into the game company’s services and technology.  MyMiniLife staff will also be working for Zynga going forward.

An example of how MyMiniLife’s technology could be used in social gaming is exampled in the form of a game called FarmVille.  FarmVille is a game that is less than 2 months old but receives over 6 million unique visitors per day.  FarmVille was actually designed by Zynga and is very similar to The Sims.  However instead of building homes, FarmVille allows the user to build a farm and set up avatars to work on them.  Online farmer players can visit each others’ farms through the game.

MyMiniLife CEO Sizhao Yang said that his company never raised venture capital money, but they did raise funding from individual investors such as Payman Pouladdej and Michael Powers.  Powers was an early employee at YouTube and was the first employee at Slide.  Pouladdej was Etsy’s first investor and also was an early investor of IMVU.

The financial details were not disclosed.  But Yang revealed that MyMiniLife has about 4 million registered users that have bought 130 million virtual goods.

[via VentureBeat]