Zynga Files Lawsuit Against Former Employee Alan Patmore

Posted Oct 16, 2012

Zynga has filed a lawsuit against former employee Alan Patmore.  Mr. Patmore is the former general manager of the game CityVille.  Zynga is suing Mr. Patmore for “theft” of data.  Zynga alleges that Mr. Patmore backed up 760 Zynga documents online before quitting the company.  The lawsuit was filed with the Superior Court of the State of California.  Some of the details that the documents contained included how Zynga determines which games will be successful and a detailed assessment of every feature in CityVille.  

The documents also has information about how Zynga plans to monetize the game and ideas for future monetization.  The documents have Mr. Patmore’s entire e-mail inbox and employee compensation information at the company.  Mr. Patmore left Zynga to join a rival company called Kixeye as the VP of product.  Below is the legal document filed against Mr. Patmore.
Zynga vs. Patmore