Zynga Launching A Slot Machine Facebook Game Called Elite Slots

Posted Dec 13, 2012

Zynga is launching a new Facebook game called Zynga Elite Slots.  The objective of the game is to partner with other gamblers to take down a raid boss.  In the slot machine video game, you are to choose a pet to represent your actions in the game like Puss in Boots, a Werewolf, a Snow Princess, a Chihuahua, etc.  There will be 24 pets in the game when they launch.

As the player spins the slot machine, the pet progresses forward and collects experience points.  The gems are used to buy in-game items.  When the group hits a certain point in a shared meter, they will be facing off against a boss in the game.

The higher you contributed to the shared meter individually, the better the chance that you will beat the boss.  As you beat certain levels, you will unlock more tables.  You can also chat with other players in a chatroom.

[Source: Kotaku]