Zynga Hires The Team Behind Cocos2d

Posted May 11, 2011

Zynga has hired the team behind Cocos2d Ricardo Quesada and Rolando Abarca. Cocos2d is an open source development engine that is used by Atari, Zynga, Gamevil, ngmoco, etc.

“Ricardo and Rolando bring amazing mobile developer talent to the Zynga mobile team as we look to create and deliver the best social mobile gaming experience for our players anytime and on any device,” said Zynga said in a company statement. “We look forward to advancing the cocos2d for iPhone open source project alongside the cocos2d for iPhone developer community.”

Zynga will be moving Ricardo and Rolando to the Zynga San Francisco office from South America. Zynga hired the two by acquiring the company Sapus Media. Quesada will continue to maintain the cocos2d community.

“We will be paying them to continue to develop the platform, as well as work on tools for Zynga, to make sure we can leverage the (platform) in the best way possible,” stated Zynga’s CTO Cadir Lee. “Over time, we’re going to do more and more with a variety of game engines, whether it’s 3D, HMTL, 2D – we want to make sure we have a complete portfolio.”

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