Zynga Mobile Chief Now Reporting Directly To Mark Pincus

Posted Aug 6, 2012

Zynga has a barrel of issues to deal with including a stock price trading at a loss due to over-reliance on Facebook, an insider trade investigation, and a lawsuit from Electronic Arts.  It is only natural for Zynga CEO Mark Pincus to control more of the reins at the company, which is why Zynga’s chief mobile officer David Ko will now be reporting directly to him.

Zynga has been heavily invested in mobile ever since they made their games available on smartphones and the $200 million acquisition of OMGPOP.  Zynga’s web properties have declined significantly in Q2, which is why mobile is becoming a major focus at the company.  Simply less people on Facebook are playing games.

However mobile games do not make as much money as Facebook games with in-app purchases.  When Ko met with engineers last month, the group could not decide whether to make a free mobile game with in-app purchases or sell the games with an up-front price.