Zynga’s Café World Gaining Momentum At A Rapid Pace

Posted Oct 11, 2009

Many people believe that Facebook applications are losing appeal, but games made by Zynga are a major exception. Zynga has already banked on games such as Texas Hold’Em, Mafia Wars, and FarmVille. Now the social gaming company has another hit on their hands called Café World. Café World hit 10 million users in just one week.

How did Zynga do it? Cross-promotion. They linked Café World through FarmVille, a game that already has 56 million users according to AppData. Zynga has been making money by selling virtual goods in their games. Zynga will be making about $200 million in revenues this year alone according to Eric Eldon of Inside Social Games.

While Zynga is making a lot of revenues, one of the ways that they are making games is by taking ideas from others. FarmVille is considered to be a replica of FarmTown and Cafe World appears to be similar to Playfish’s Restaurant City.

Zynga is currently in a legal battle against another social gaming company called Playdom over company secrets. Four former Zynga employees are being accused for giving secrets to Playdom.