Zynga’s Social Media Snoop Dogg Promotion Breaks UStream Record

Posted Aug 24, 2010

Last Thursday, Zynga hired Snoop Doggy Dogg to blow up a 4 ton armored truck in the middle of a desert in Nevada. The explosion video was part of a promotion for Zynga’s new social game Mafia Wars Las Vegas.

It turns out that the original event broke a UStream record of 2 million live views at once. Another reason for the promotional celebration is because Zynga celebrated 10 million visitors of the game in two weeks.

This was UStream’s most viewed one-time event in 2010. This further proves that social media is an essential component of any marketing campaign.

Zynga had a celebration for Mafia Wars in San Francisco as well, but the city did not take it well. Zynga glued fake $25,000 bills to the sidewalks in San Francisco that led people to see the Mafia Wars website. The Deputy City Attorney of San Francisco Alex Tse said that this marketing tactic showed “documented acts of sidewalk vandalism.” He said he plans to take action against Zynga for their illegal marketing idea.

You can watch the video of the event below thanks to TechCrunchTV.