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Zynga launches its first sports game called ‘NFL Showdown’

Zynga NFL Showdown
Zynga announced its first sports game called “NFL Showdown.” The game is a mix between fantasy football and simulation. NFL Showdown has real player names across all 32 NFL teams. Zynga also plans to launch a Tiger Woods game early next year.

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xAd raises $50 million in funding

xAd Logo
xAd, a geolocation mobile advertising company, has raised $50 million in funding. xAd’s geomarketing strategy is based on a user’s actual location rather than the zip code. xAd also offers analytics that shows how effective the ads are. The analytics are called Footprints, which is a real-time consumer visualization platform. xAd is integrated into 15,000 apps and it runs in six countries. xAd is profitable and its expansion has been funded by profits.


Home Depot is investigating alleged data breach

Home Depot Logo
Home Depot is currently investigating whether there was a credit and debit card breach, according to CEO Frank Blake. If the incident did take place, Home Depot would another case of a major retailer to be hit with a massive data breach after Target Corporation, Sally Beauty, and Neiman Marcus. Home Depot discovered the alleged breach on Tuesday.

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The White House names Google[X]‘s Megan Smith as the new CTO

White House
The White House has announced that Megan Smith has been named as the new CTO of the U.S. Smith was poached from the Google[x] research lab. Smith joined Google in 2003 and was in charge of the Google.org philanthropic arm. She became the VP and co-lead of Solve For X, which is Google’s think tank for moonshot projects. Smith is the third person to work as the CTO of the U.S. after Aneesh Chopra and Todd Park.


Hootsuite raises $35 million in funding, acquires Brightkit

HootSuite Logo
Hootsuite is a social media management company that has raised $35 million in funding and has acquired Brightkit. Brightkit is a social campaign provider that makes it easy to set up campaigns. This round of funding was led by Fidelity Investments, according to The Wall Street Journal. The new round of funding will be used to boost the social media management position of the company. Hootsuite is reportedly considering an IPO in the near future. The acquisition terms were undisclosed.

Google Inc (GOOG) is paying at least $19 million to sell in-app purchases case

New Google Logo
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has agreed to refund at least $19 million to parents and consumers whose kids unknowingly made expensive in-app purchases for apps. This is the second major settlement that the FTC made with a large tech company over in-app purchases. Apple agreed to pay $32.5 million in January to in-app purchasers.

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This asthma inhaler company has raised $14.5 million

Propeller Health

Propeller Health is a Madison, Wisconsin based company that has built a device that fastens to an inhaler and uses GPS to report where and when the inhaler was used, according to VentureBeat. The data is reported to an app and the data can be accessed by healthcare companies.

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Dyson releases first robotic vacuum cleaner

Dyson 360 Eye
Dyson has announced its first automated vacuum cleaner — called the 360 Eye. Dyson CEO James Dyson said that the device is the world’s first robotic vacuum cleaner and said that it is not a “gimmick.”

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