10 Of The Best American Inventions

Updated February 17, 2014

Today is Presidents’ Day in the United States and we have decided to celebrate by compiling a list of some of the best inventions that were made in the country.

1.) Airplane – The airplane was invented by the Wright brothers in North Carolina around December 1903. Fast forward over a century later and now hundreds of thousands of people rely on airplanes to travel across the world.

2.) Artificial heart – The artificial heart bridges the time to heart transplantation or permanently replaces the heart in case a heart transplantation is not possible. The first artificial heart was successfully implanted in a human in 1982 and it was designed by Robert Jarvik.

3.) Baseball – The inventor of baseball is believed to be Abner Doubleday. Doubleday invented the game in Cooperstown, New York during the summer of 1839.

4.) Blue jeans – Blue jeans (or simply just jeans) seems to be the most popular type of trousers across the world.  Blue jeans are made of denim or dungaree cloth and was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873.

5.) Bubble gum – John B. Curtis made and sold the first commercial chewing gum called the State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum in 1848.

6.) Bourbon whiskey –  It is believed that T.W. Samuels, grandson of Robert Samuels, constructed a distillery at Samuels Depot, Kentucky to create the first commercial bourbon business out of his grandfather’s “secret” family recipe.  In 1943, there was a break during Prohibition so Bill Samuels Sr. created a new bourbon without the bitterness from the original recipe called Maker’s Mark.

7.) Chevy Corvette – The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car built by the Chevrolet business at General Motors. The car has been produced in seven generates. The first model was a convertible and was designed by Harley Earl. The first model was introduced at concept car show GM Motorama in 1953. Myron Scott was created for naming the car after a small maneuverable warship. The Corvette was originally built in Flint, Michigan and St. Louis, Missouri. Now it is built in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

8.) Internet – The idea for the Internet is credited to Leonard Kleinrock (pictured above). Kleinrock published a paper titled “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” on May 31, 1961. J.C.R. Licklider became the first Director of the IPTO in 1962 and worked with Robert Taylor and Kleinrock to create the idea of the network that later became ARPANET. The rest is history.

9.) Video games – Ralph Baer received the National Medal of Technology for helping develop the home console for video games. Baer was expelled from school in Germany because of his Jewish ancestry and was sent to an all-Jewish school when he was 11. He became a radio service technician in 1940 and was drafted into World War II in 1943. After the war, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Television Engineering in 1949 at the American Television Institute of Technology in Chicago. Baer led the development of the Brown Box and Magnavox Odyssey, which was the first home video game console.

10.) 3D Printing – 3D printing is the process of making a 3D object of almost any shape from a digital model. The process was invented by Chuck Hull, the co-founder, EVP, and CTO of 3D Systems.