18 Tools To Back Up Your Hard Drive

Updated February 19, 2014

Sometimes things go wrong with your computer. It may crash so you may want to take an image of your hard drive or clone it. You may also want to consider backing up files from time-to-time. Here is a list of 18 tools that you can use to back up your hard drive.

Acronis – Acronis is a data backup software and disaster recovery solution.

Backup & Recovery by Paragon – Backup & Recovery is a free disk backup software package created by Paragon.

AOMEI Backupper – AOMEI Backupper is a free software for backing up/restoring/cloning system, partition, hard disk in Windows Server and the Windows operating system.

Backup Maker by Ascomp – Ascomp’s BackUp Maker is a free data backup solution for Windows.

Carbonite – Carbonite online backup is a service that is automatic, accessible, and affordable. The service lets you back up your files to the cloud from PCs and Macs.

Comodo Backup – Comodo Backup is a free online cloud storage service.

Copy Commander by VCOM – Copy Commander is a service that provides tools for copying drives and individual partitions with one click.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a free service that lets users upload photos, documents, videos, and other files for free so you don’t have to e-mail yourself a file again.

EaseUS Todo Backup – EaseUS is a company that offers data recovery, backup software, and partition manager services.

FBackup – FBackup is a service that lets you backup important data and it supports automated backups to local, external, or network drives.

Genie Backup Manager – Genie Backup Manager is a backup software program for the Microsoft Windows operating system that can back up and restore the whole system including the operating system, apps, documents, e-mails, settings, files/folders, etc.

Google Drive – Google Drive is a service that lets you store up to 15GB of files for free.

Macrium – Macrium offers a hard disk image and backup software solution for your PC.

Microsoft OneDrive – Microsoft OneDrive lets you easily store and share photos, videos, documents, etc. The service offers 7GB when you sign up for free.

NTI Backup – NTI Backup Now has a total backup solution for entire PCs, complete system backups, and rapid PC/data restore.

Rebit – Rebit is a service that provides local and online backup services that allows a full system recovery in case of a hard drive failure or malware infection.

SugarSync – SugarSync is a file sharing, online backup, and cloud storage service.

Time Machine (Mac) – Time Machine is a software application for Macs available through the Apple OS X computer operating system. Time Machine’s software works with the Time Capsule storage product, internal disk drives, and external disk drives.