26 Resources for jQuery Icons

Updated February 7, 2014

Sometimes you may want to use specific icons from the default jQuery UI icon set or need help programming them. This is a list of 26 resources for jQuery icons. Hopefully you will find some of these handy.

A Cheat Sheet for jQuery UI icons

Animate SVG Icons with CSS3 and jQuery

Animated Text and Icon Menu with jQuery

Button Icons

Create Spinning, Fading Icons with CSS3 and jQuery

Find the jQuery UI icon you want instantly

jQuery icons styling example

Free 100 jQuery Mobile Icon Pack

GitHub: jQuery Mobile Icon Pack

jQuery mobile button icons show up as grey circles

jQuery UI API Documentation

jQuery UI Button Icons

jQuery UI CSS Framework Icons

jQuery UI Icon Buttons

jQueryUI Icons List

jQuery UI icon name map

jQuery UI Tabs Styling

jQuery Mobile API Documentation

jQuery Mobile Icons

jQuery Mobile Icon Pack

jQuery Mobile Docs – Button Icons

Leveraging jQuery UI Framework Icons in MVC ActionLink Helpers

Mini-Icon Settings Menu with jQuery Toolbar Plugin

Stackoverflow: Using jQuery Icons

Twitter Bootstrap Icons in jQuery UI DatePicker

Use jQuery UI Icons in jQuery UI Button