18 jQuery Validate Email Tools

Updated February 19, 2014

If you are a web developer looking for e-mail validation tools, you may benefit from this list. Here is a list of 18 jQuery validate e-mail tools:

Easy jQuery form validation and email validator

Email address validation in jQuery using Regular Expressions

Email – jQuery Validation Unobtrusive Native

E-mail Method

E-mail validation using jQuery

FormIt with jQuery Validation


How to validate a form in php using jQuery for validation

JavaScript to validate email address using a regex

jQuery Email Validation without a Plugin (using Regex)

jQuery Validate Demo

JQuery Validation for Registration Form Containing Name, Email, Mobile Number, Password

jQuery validation for email field

MagicEdit – Easy Form Validation with jQuery

StackOverflow: Email Validation Using jQuery

Regular Expression To Validate Email Addresses In JQuery

Validate E-mail and restrict domain in jQuery