Tips For Managing Remote Employees

Updated January 20, 2014

When you are running a company that has remote employees, it can be tricky to manage productivity. It requires a lot of trust, but here are a few tips that you can use.

Trust workers: Trusting your workers has major importance. If you stop trusting workers, then you would be less likely to let them telecommute. This was a major issue when Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer told employees to no longer work from home. Remember that workers that are at home generally work non-regular business hours. They may run an errand or two so don’t be too quick at judging their productivity. When I work from home, my work hours are usually from 8AM to 10PM with a couple breaks in between.

Videoconference weekly or monthly: Meeting face-to-face has some real benefits. One of the biggest problems with having to telecommute is that you cannot meet face to face with co-workers. Videoconferencing can be a great alternative. There is nothing like expressing your excitement or stress levels with a co-worker.Some of the tools that you can use include Skype, Apple FaceTime, and Google+ Hangouts.

Utilize communication tools: When you are working together, it may be good to use screensharing, instant messaging, or even a Twitter-like enterprise tool called Yammer. This could help you prevent work from being duplicated. You could write an instant message to a co-worker saying that I will write the article about “x” or I will update document “y” with the new data.