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Google launches Helpouts app on iOS

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Google launched a service last year called Helpouts. It is a service where people can connect with experts for free or paid depending on the complexity of the task through Google Hangouts. Google has now released a Helpouts app for iOS. The Helpouts iOS app offers users the ability to connect to any of the free video chats available on the Google powered platform. If Google charged for certain Helpouts, it would likely have to pay Apple a 30% cut.

Facebook took a username from an Instagram user, but gave it back

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Facebook has given back a username that it took away from an Instagram user recently. Brian Hoff, a web designer, wrote an article on Medium about the incident that was titled “They say ‘nothing will change’/*Everything* changes.” Hoff’s wife had the user name @kathleen, but it was changed to @_____kathleen. At first, they thought someone hacked into the account. They reached out to @InstagramHelp on Twitter and tried to get support through e-mail, but that did not work.

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Google launches Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Google Chrome Remote Desktop
On Wednesday, Google launched a mobile client app called “Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android.” This app gives you remote access to your Mac or PC from your Android smartphone or tablet. 

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How to turn off Facebook’s auto-playing video ads

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Facebook launched auto-playing video ads recently on desktops and mobile devices. There is a way to turn off the videos from auto-playing. Certain limitations are imposed with video ads and you cannot turn them off completely. But here is what you can do:

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) to open 11 more specialty retail stores in May

Microsoft Logo
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced that it is opening 11 more specialty retail stores in the U.S. in May, according to the Microsoft Store Facebook Page. The kiosk-like stores will sell a limited number of Microsoft related products including the Surface tablets and Xbox One video game consoles. If one of those locations becomes popular, it may be upgraded to a full retail store. Here is a list of where the stores are opening:

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) CarPlay to hit Pioneer in-car systems in a few months

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Pioneer have announced a partnership. When Pioneer users plug their iPhones into their vehicles, CarPlay will automatically launch and offer access to its app suite. 

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Google Inc (GOOG) sold out of Google Glass in one day

Google Glass
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) sold Google Glass to the public for only one day yesterday. Guess what? It sold out.

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Twitter acquires social data company Gnip


Twitter announced today it acquired social data company Gnip for an undisclosed amount. This indicates that Twitter will be getting more into the data packaging industry, which is highly demanded by the government and enterprise. Wall Street was receptive to the deal since Twitter’s shares were up over 11%, which is the biggest gain since Twitter went public in November.

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