Vimeo to use HTML5 by default

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Vimeo’s new video player will work on various screen sizes and additional devices by switching to HTML5 from the Adobe Flash player. Vimeo was able to speed up their video-streaming technology by switching from Flash-powered video to HTML5 by default.
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20+ Best jQuery Shopping Cart Resources

When designing a website, developers may consider adding e-commerce features through the use of jQuery.  There are many tools out there to make e-commerce implementation easier.  Some are paid and some are free.  Below is a list of some of the best jQuery shopping cart resources:

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40 Lightbox jQuery Resources

Lightbox is a JavaScript technique that is employed in order to display images and web content using modal dialogs. Lightbox was originally created by Lokesh Dhakar, but the common usage of the term now encompasses a Lightbox-style of effects. There are several jQuery plugins and resources available across the web that you could use on your development projects. Below is a list of 40 of the best jQuery lightbox resources:
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45 Drupal Modules Worth Checking Out

Drupal is an open source content management system that is used by at least 2.1% of websites worldwide.  Drupal is used by personal blogs and even government websites like and Data UK.  The standard release of Drupal is known as Drupal core.  Drupal core includes user account registration, menu management, RSS feeds, and system administration.  Currently there are over 20,000 free add-ons known as modules to enhance Drupal core.  Below is a list of 45 Drupal modules worth checking out:

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8 Useful 3D Modeling Tools

Three-dimension electronics is one of the hottest trends right now.  People are watching movies in theaters in 3D, buying TVs that are in 3D, and are playing video game consoles that support 3D gaming.  Even 3D printing is becoming a hot new trend.  If you are interested in getting into 3D modeling, we have a list of some of the best software that helps you work with preparing geometric data. Below are 8 3D free applications that are worth check out:
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W3C Finalizes HTML5 Definition

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has finalized the standards for HTML5.  The W3C pledged to get it done by 2014, but they are well ahead of schedule.  The next step for HTML5 is to focus on interoperability and performance testing to make sure that HTML5 works smoothly on all browsers, servers, and web tools.  The W3C hopes that this will bring “broad HTML5 interoperability” by 2014.

45+ Creative Examples Of A Website Under Construction

I remember in the late 1990’s when a website was under construction, the designer put up a couple of animated GIFs of construction workers digging.  Web design is a lot more artistic today and designers have been getting creative with their “landing” and “coming soon” pages.  Below is a gallery of over 45 creative examples of a website under construction.

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35+ Handy File Comparison Tools

File comparison software tools compares the contents of computers files to find their common contents and difference.  The comparison is often presented in a graphic user interface as a part of larger tasks.  The longer the document, the harder it is to find the revisions.  Below is a list of awesome file comparison tools to check out if you are looking for the right software to do the job.
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