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20 Of The Best Wine Apps

During the winter holidays, people have a tendency to go wine-tasting at local wine bars and vineyards. Sensing and evaluating the taste of wine makes people feel more sophisticated and it makes for great conversation points. Wine and food pairing is a culture and wine-and-cheese parties can be a great social event. If you want to become more of an oenophile/wine connoisseur, then you may want to check out 20 of the best wine apps below:
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iPhone App Development: A Comprehensive Guide For Getting Started

The Apple App Store launched in 2008 and since then, many developers have been able to capitalize on it.  The App Store is becoming competitive though and if you are going to get into it, you better get in now.  This article will help people that have limited knowledge and skills get into iPhone app development. Note: This article will be constantly updated to ensure that it is still relevant years from now.

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Top 10 iPhone Apps

The iTunes app store now has over 800,000 apps. There are only a handful that are extremely useful on a day-to-day basis. Even I am guilty of downloading apps that I use only once or twice and never use them again. Below is a list of apps that I use every single day.

We will be creating more specific app lists in the near future like the best iPhone/Android productivity apps and best social networking apps. If you would like us to consider your app, please e-mail us at
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18 Of The Best Astronomy Mobile Apps writes a lot about NASA and SpaceX.  But we have not really taken the time in the past to focus on some of the best astronomy mobile applications.  So what are some of the best applications that helps you study celestial objects, physics, chemistry, and evolution around these objects?  We have curated a list of some of the best astronomy apps below.
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30+ Of The Best iPhone Music Apps

Some of my most favorite iPhone apps have to do with listening to music on the go. When I am on a car ride, I like to put on the Pandora or Spotify app since I get bored of my own personal music collection rather quickly. This is why I have created a list of over 30 of the best iPhone music apps. Check out the list below:
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14 iPhone Tricks and Tips

Apple iPhone
Millions of people own an iPhone, but most people do not even know about half the features that it can do. For example, you may not know right off the bat that you can change your Spotlight Search preferences on the phone or display the character count of your text messages. Below is a list of 14 iPhone tricks and tips. More will be added in the near future.
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8 Intriguing Apple Facts

Apple Logo
I became an official Apple fanboy in 2009 when co-founder Shan Sadiq decided that we needed to start making apps for the Apple App Store. To build an app, we were required to have iPhones and Macs to build them. I was absolutely dedicated to using Windows machines at the time and was not enthusiastic about switching to a Mac.
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20+ Very Cool iPhone Stands

As an iPhone owner looking for some cool accessories, I started to look up iPhone stands. I enjoy watching video podcasts and movies on my iPhone, but holding it up on my own or against the wall can get annoying. Below is a list of over 20 cool iPhone stands.
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